The Amazing Freidrich Nietzsche

What an intellect!

I have not learned enough of what Nietzsche has to say; but, what I have amazes me. In such a short lifetime, he came to be one of the most incisive of all philosophers. 

And, it looks as though his work is especially appropriate for us to study during the times we are experiencing here in the early decades of the twenty-first century.

He sure is into nailing his insights on the wall.

Feuerbach, Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud

I am wanting to learn about what these four thinkers have offered us through their lifetime and their writing.

They lived recently in respect to antiquity on through the Middle Ages and after America was Founded as a nation.

They have been called the Masters of Suspicion. All four spoke very directly on the subject of religion in ways that most certainly impact our ideas of reality.

Each one has had an impact on our life. Feuerbach is not so well known as the other three. It is interesting that Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud—all three—are seen in a negative way by so many of us. But, each and every one of them belong to the most respected thinkers of Modern times—especially is that true of Karl Marx even though his utopian ideas of society have fallen into so much discredit.

We should not fool ourselves about the value each of these men have provided us.


Public Education in America

Americans are struggling with the education of our children. Pretty much, there is great dissatisfaction across the board by teachers and parents alike. The federal government has legislated various programs to improve the situation; but, things seem to be continually on the downturn.

What do you think?

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Here's a Question for you:

What do you think about the state of America's public educational system?