The Amazing Freidrich Nietzsche

What an intellect!

I have not learned enough of what Nietzsche has to say; but, what I have amazes me. In such a short lifetime, he came to be one of the most incisive of all philosophers. 

And, it looks as though his work is especially appropriate for us to study during the times we are experiencing here in the early decades of the twenty-first century.

He sure is into nailing his insights on the wall.


Phil Johnson said...

I've been reading Nietzsche. In a way, he is easy to understand; but, in another way, I'm never quite sure that one does understand what it is that he is wanting the reader to get.
He writes in the method that one uses when talking to oneself. But, in what appears to be the German way of thinking; long, drawn out sentences.

Phil Johnson said...
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